Suds Pub Beer Glass



Let’s face it, the pub is a place we all wish we could frequent a little more during 2020 and 2021. We get it, there’s nothing quite like chilling with your mates at the local pub sinking a few draught brews together. Now you can bring that pub experience into your own home with a Suds Pub Beer Glass. Grab your Pub Glass, fill it with some a delicious lager or ale, video call your mates and close your eyes. All of a sudden, you’re at the pub…well, not quite. But at least you will still be talking the same old garbage and your glass will still be full of cold delicious beer.

The Suds Pub Beer Glass is a solid vessel designed to hold a variety of beer styles. This glass tapers at the bottom for the perfect grip, while featuring a wide rim to let those aromas free. In classic Suds style, our Pub glass is a sturdy son-of-a-gun. Let’s be honest, those flimsy ‘fancy’ beer glasses are down right dangerous and could bust in your hands at any moment. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Home brewers will be frothing over this USA pint sized glass. It’s perfect for those king browns and kegged tap beer. Less trips to the shed fridge and less filling provides you with  more time to enjoy the moment.

Everyone loves a good quality beer, so why not sling it into a high quality glass. Unlike Trump, we want our glasses to go on forever. So, we’ve managed to get these glasses over the wall and into your hands. Suds Slinger glassware is proudly manufactured from the highest quality materials in the USA which will allow you to keep on slinging suds tin after tin.

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Suds Slinger Pub Craft Beer Glass


Suds Slinger Pub Glass

All craft, mainstream or home brew beers. The fresher, the better!

Suds Slinger Pub Glass


Suds Slinger Pub Glass

76mm x 149mm x 63mm


White printed detail front/back

* Glassware capacities are approximates.

Bringing the pub to you

Suds Pub Beer Glass