Suds Party Beer Glass


Next level big red party cup.

We’re taking the classic American big red party cup to the next level! Introducing the ultimate beer drinking glass – the Suds Party Beer Glass.

Inspired and designed with this classic in mind, our Suds Party Beer Glass features a wide rim, ribbed top and bottom detail and solid glass base – just like the plastic red party cup, only glass. Now is the time to step up your party game and get classy! Besides, plastic is lame and you can reuse your Suds Slinger Party Glass for years to come.

We’re not beer snobs, fill this glass with any beer, or beverage that tickles your pickle! Whether it’s your favourite craft beer, mainstream beer, cider, hard lemonade, cocktail or pretty much anything that tantalises your taste buds!

Proceed with caution – the Suds Slinger Party Glass makes drinking your liquid gold a breeze! Open you’re mouth and down the hatch!

Everyone loves a good quality beer, so why not sling it into a high quality glass. Unlike Trump, we want our glasses to go on forever. So, we’ve managed to get these glasses over the wall and into your hands. Suds Slinger glassware is proudly manufactured from the highest quality materials in the USA which will allow you to keep on slinging suds tin after tin.

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Suds Party Beer Cup

Anything in mass volume

Suds Party Beer Cup


Suds Party Beer Cup

96mm x 121mm x 61mm


White printed detail front/back

* Glassware capacities are approximates.

Let’s get this party started

Suds Party Beer Glass