Suds Original Pint Beer Glass


Can’t get enough of the Suds Original Beer Glass? Introducing Suds Original’s big crafty brother – the amped up Suds Original Pint Beer Glass. This rad beer glass has all the same legendary characteristics of the Original 384ml Glass, but bigger!  To be specific, this beauty is a satisfying American pint in size. There’s no time to delay, grab that big tinnie of hazy IPA and empty it into the Suds Original Pint Glass.

The Suds Original Pint Beer Glass is your crafty all-rounder beer glass when you’re ready to wet the whistle. It’s perfect for your favourite craft beer style. Whether it’s a lager, pale ale, IPA, neipa or stout. Hell, pour in a mainstream beer, the glass won’t care (and we won’t tell).

The ergonomic glass design feels great in your hand and the curved flared rim wraps perfectly around your lips. Set those beautiful beer aromas free with the Suds Original Pint Beer Glass! Not only is this glass a real joy to drink from, it has a neat functional stackable design that makes it easy to store which prevents the glasses from chipping and suctioning together.

We can assure you that your beer craft beer drinking life is incomplete without this glass. Once you hold this baby in your hand, you will never want to let go!

Everyone loves a good quality beer, so why not sling it into a high quality glass. Unlike Trump, we want our glasses to go on forever. So, we’ve managed to get these glasses over the wall and into your hands.  Our Original Suds Slinger glass is proudly manufactured from the highest quality materials in the USA which will allow you to keep on slinging suds tin after tin.

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Suds Original Pint Beer Glass


All beer styles

473mL American Pint

86mm x 143mm x 60mm


White printed detail front/back

* Glassware capacities are approximates.

The ultimate craft beer glass

Suds Original Pint Beer Glass