Suds Draught Beer Glass


If you’ve ever sat in an American bar, sports bar, or even dive bar, you’ll know this glass very well. The Suds Draught Beer glass is a classic USA pint glass suitable for all styles of beer.

The Suds Draught Beer Glass is unpretentious, solid and sturdy. It feels smooth in your hand whilst featuring an irregular groovy glass finish. It’s begging you to grab this glass on a Friday afternoon (or any afternoon for that matter) and moisturize your mouth with delicious beer. We recommend starting off with a few smashable lagers to get yourself warmed up. Then, pour in a big bitter solid west coast IPA to get those taste buds extra excited. And who knows where this will lead you?

If you’re a home brewer, this beer glass is guaranteed to cop a workout. Pint after pint, fresh and direct straight from your shed keg, or long necks.

Everyone loves a good quality beer, so why not sling it into a high quality glass. Unlike Trump, we want our glasses to go on forever. So, we’ve managed to get these glasses over the wall and into your hands. Suds Slinger glassware is proudly manufactured from the highest quality materials in the USA which will allow you to keep on slinging suds tin after tin.

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Suds Draught Beer Glass


Suds Draught Glass

All beer styles and anything from the keg.

Suds Draught Glass


Suds Draught Glass

89mm x 149mm x 60mm


White printed detail front/back

* Glassware capacities are approximates.

Guaranteed to cop a workout

Suds Draught Beer Glass